Culture Experience

Everyone should enjoy the cultural diversity of our city – no matter how big or small their wallet is.
Your budget is tight?
Then register with us and become a guest of KulturLeben Berlin. Because many
cultural organisations support us, we can provide you with tickets for theater performances, concerts,
museum visits and many other great cultural experiences free of charge.

You have the option to get two tickets – so you can invite someone!


We only need your registration and proof of your low income and you can plunge into Berlin’s cultural life.

The income limits (net) are:

  • 950 € Household with 1 person,
  • 1.270 € Household with 1 person,
  • 1.590 € Household with 1 person,
  • 160 € for each additional child.

Regardless of these income limits, the need can be proven with the Berlin Pass or the decision on
basic security. By signing the registration form, you confirm that your income is below the limits
defined by KulturLeben Berlin.

As income proof you can submit:

  • Notifications on ALG I and ALG II
  • Notifications of basic security in old age and full disability
  • Berlinpass
  • Hartz IV decision for children
  • Income tax assessment from the tax office
  • Payroll, if you are in employment
  • Students present their statements of income from the past three months as proof of income.

Simply print out the form to register as a guest, fill out, sign and send with proof to:
KulturLeben Berlin – Schlüssel zur Kultur eV, Stephanstr. 13, 10559 Berlin

Registration form (German)

Privacy policy under Art. 13 DS-GVO

Since we provide forms for registration as a cultural guest on our website, we fulfill our obligation to provide
information by providing you with our Privacy policy in fulfillment of the obligations under Art. 13 DS-BER.

Privacy policy at § 13 DSGVO_Gäste_KulturLeben Berlin (German)

Registration offices

Would you prefer to register in person? No problem. An overview of all registration offices in Berlin can be
found here. Please do not forget the proof.

How to get your tickets – We call you back!

As soon as you are registered at KulturLeben Berlin, we arrange events for you. We will call you if we have a cultural
offer for you. If you have decided on an event, we put your name on the guest list of the organizer. All you have to do
is give your name to the cashier and, if necessary, present your identity card. You do not need your proof of income.

Guest phone

Registered guests of KulturLeben Berlin can also inform themselves about events via our guest telephone:

030 28 86 73 00
Please note! New number for our guest hotline since July 15: 030 – 235 90 690

Office hours:
Mon – Wed 10 AM – 4 PM
Thu 10 AM – 1 PM, 3 PM – 6 PM
For 10 AM – 4 PM


  1. Only by written registration directly at KulturLeben Berlin or through a social institution cooperating with us, you can become a guest of KulturLeben Berlin.
  2. Organizers should only offer seats that they can no longer sell.
  3. Guests do not have to make a monetary contribution (neither to the club nor to the organizers).
  4. The event mediation takes place via a personal conversation.
  5. At the box office, guests only have to give their name and, if necessary, present their identity card. The organizers are not allowed to ask for proof of income.
  6. Anyone who forfeits their reserved seats three times is temporarily excluded from the distribution list. Every free seat is a gift and should not be left empty. Therefore, we ask for liability.
  7. It is a matter of honor for every guest to also check himself if he is really in need. Every guest is proud to log out if he can again participate in the cultural life on his own.