Despite Corona – Enjoying cultural events at home No. 10

Dear guests,

theaters, museums and concert halls first have to remain closed due to the Corona virus. So that the ceiling does not fall on our heads, many cultural organizers offer free digital offers that we warmly recommend! Yesterday individual artists invited us to their home! Today we experience house music on a grand scale and visit several orchestras and choirs in their respective living rooms! Come in!

Rotterdam Philharmonic Orchestra: Beethoven’s Ode to Joy

From us, for you! The Philharmonic Orchestra Rotterdam quickly adapted to the new situation and was one of the first orchestras to create a wonderful musical video collage. In this way, the musicians not only want to keep in touch with each other, but also to make the audience happy. They did it! Please watch and listen here:

Virtual Choir: Down to the River

Because of the corona virus, many people are in quarantine. It is all the more important to experience small, beautiful moments every day that make this difficult situation a little more bearable. To achieve this, the American Tiffany Goodrick founded a virtual choir. In the video, the 36 women of the Virtual Choir sing the spiritual “Down to the River” in a touching way. All 36 voices we hear in the video were recorded individually and at different times. Each singer only heard the main melody through headphones and sang her own voice. All voices were recorded on cell phones. We want more of it!

Hamburg State Opera and Hamburg Philharmonic: The Hamburg kitchen opera

As an orchestra of the Hamburg State Opera, the Philharmonic Orchestra has played it numerous times from the orchestra pit. Now the musicians are presenting a mini version from their home kitchen for home: “La Traviata” tells and plays in around 4 minutes. Take a look, but be warned! You get a little hungry!

The Happy Disharmonists: SCREW CORONA!

Screw Corona! They were not allowed to meet for rehearsals – but they still sing together, only virtually, but at least. Everyone coughed and filmed their part at home and then they put it together. Experience The Happy Disharmonists with a cover version of The Knack’s song “My Sharona” that couldn’t be more current. In any case, the text speaks to us from the soul! Have fun!


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